The Hayden Harper Community


This is my most direct means of letting you know when new books are coming out and giving you cool, free stuff, such as character art and even the occasional short story that nobody else gets to see or read. I promise I will never share your email with a third party.

And now each month an issue is released, you will receive a FREE ILLUSTRATED EDITION OF MODERN ADVENTURES WITH MONSTER GIRLS.


My Patreon page is live! By signing up you will be allowed to vote on the direction of my new serial, Modern Adventures with Monster Girls, determining which Monster Girls the main character will encounter, which relationships will get developed, and the plots, perils, and pains he will have to overcome.

Additionally, there may be occasional other polls relating to the rest of my work, such as which heroine from Lightfall will get her own book next, or determining which of my upcoming projects you’d prefer me to work on.

When we get enough patrons together, I’ll begin sharing exclusive pre-releases and bonus material.