Modern Adventures with Monster Girls! Issue 3 is Out!

It’s release day! Modern Adventures with Monster Girls Issue 3 is available now at Amazon! Smashwords is giving me a few hiccups but it should be good to go on other platforms soon! Thank you so much if you have already pre-ordered your copy and an extra special thanks to everyone who leaves a review!


Modern Adventures with Monster Girls 3

Arch and Carlene are teaming up to take on the gang that murdered her brother!

This also means that the vote for the next issue is now open! I highly encourage you to check it out. There’s some new art up on my Patreon and more in production.

AND Issue 4 is available for pre-order here! No idea why Amazon isn’t showing it as part of the rest of the series but it’s there! Soon as the focus is voted on, it will get a proper description and cover.

The Modern Monster Girl’s Universe is EXPANDING!

Tangentially related to the release of Issue 3 comes this announcement: I will be writing more series set in this universe.

These will be written in a more traditional fashion and will be longer works than the Adventures serial installments. How many new series? At least one at the moment, but probably more as this universe develops, grows, and expands–along with its cast of characters! There are simply so many stories that this particular universe has to offer that I’m eager to explore and share them with you.

This first spin off is under the working title, Modern Hi-jinks with Monster Girls and is focused more heavily on the magical and criminal elements of the universe. Outlining and development is underway, but the heavy lifting on this won’t be really begin until after Book 5 in the Lightfall Superhero series comes out.

How long will these works be?

It depends. Longer than the serials, for a certainty. I’m working on a new series now (totally unrelated to Monster Girls or Lightfall that shall be announced in more detail with my next blog post) that is longer than any individual installment I wrote for The Horned Mage in an effort to practice writing longer works more quickly. The brevity of MAMG was easily the biggest criticism I received for the first installment and I think it might be a factor in why my Lightfall series isn’t selling as well as I would have hoped. I’m aiming for Hi-jinks to be a minimum of 40K words (currently twice the length of the Adventure installments and a third longer than any Horned Mage book), but we could be looking at around 50k. So, we’re beginning to step out of novella and novelette territory and into that of full-on novels.

New monster girls, new perspectives on this world, and a further in depth look at how the magic of this place functions.

Let me know in the comments what you’d most like to see (types of monster girls and plots, questions answered) in the upcoming expansions.

And if you’d like more information about this expansion, sign up for my mailing list. I’ll be going into further detail about what you can expect in my next newsletter.


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