Development Hell, Course Correction, & New Releases

First of all, Modern Adventures with Monster Girls Issue 2 is HERE!


(It’s also available on both Smashwords and Barnes and Noble’s Nook!)

Never fear, more books are coming. I’ve been forced to slow production however for things that I did not expect in the production process. When I was working on The Horned Mage, the covers were all created using stock art and simple Photoshop techniques. They were finished in a few days. No muss, no fuss.

One of the distinct pleasures I’ve had now that my works have started turning a profit is getting to work with artists to bring my characters to life and create more vivid and specific covers. I’ve been learning a lot about the creative process and continue to be wildly impressed by some of the talent I’ve come across.

The downside of including anyone else in the creative process, especially when they have their own creative process (not to mention a life of their own to lead) is that time becomes an issue. The reason you have not seen Book 3 of Pryophage yet is that the artist I was working with who did the first two book covers vanished off the face of the earth. They knew the amount of covers I wanted total and had agreed to take on the project as a whole, but I only contracted them on a cover by cover basis. They told me they were ready to go for Pyrophage and then…silence.

They were never particularly communicative before–in fact I nearly had a coronary with both Lightfall and Mercury because there were last minute cover issues and I could not reach the artist. So I waited until the discussed deadline began approaching. And waited. Started reaching out again…you eventually see where this is going. What made this more difficult was that both the previous covers had such a distinct style to them! I kept trying to find someone to replicate it. No dice. So, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and purchased new cover art from a different artist in a different style…it is BADASS.


In the meantime, however, Sales for Lightfall have gone down. Which tells me there’s not much demand. That said, The Horned Mage took a while to take off and only really did once all five books were out. Glow Beast, book 4 is outlined, but the Lightfall is not going to be my priority at the moment. I’m NOT dropping it! I’m just going to focus on refining my production process, with regards to both my own writing and the countless other extraneous things that go into making a book a book.

This includes Modern Adventures with Monster Girls. There’s a hunger for this universe is not necessarily this format so I’ll definitely be focusing on expanding this. In the meanwhile, if you have not already gotten a FREE ILLUSTRATED COPY of Modern Adventures with Monster Girls Issue 1, you can pledge $2 on my Patreon to get it, or if you’d rather not spend any money at all, sign up for my Mailing List! It will go out tomorrow and will contain the first installment, complete with absolutely GORGEOUS artwork of Selena Slater the kraken, Carlene Leach the lizard girl, and Nairy Rivera the moth woman.

Another illustrated installment will go out around the same time as Issue 3 if all goes according to plan. If you’re already signed up for my Mailing List or pledged on Patreon, you will get it for free as well!

If you are interested in getting a free advanced copy of Pyrophage and/or Modern Adventures with Monster Girls Issue 3, email me at: hayden harper writes at yahoo dot com to see about joining the beta reader and review team.

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