Mercury is Here! The Rest are Coming Soon!

Lightfall Superheroes Book 2!

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This one follows Tamina and all the chaos and drama surrounding her life, including her new relationship with Rebecca, her crush on her stepbrother, dealing with her mad scientist stepfather, and of course, the human-alien hybrid who looks exactly like her. “Abby,” short for Aberration, is dangerously obsessive with Tamina. And let’s not forget Eclipse and the shadowy organization they’re a part of. There may even be some actual crime fighting!

Currently I’m planning to make this a five book series with each book focusing on a different character. Next up is Pryophage, which will be Jessica’s book. It’s currently in post-production with a few pending edits and is awaiting it’s cover art. The next two will be Glow Beast, featuring Kristin, and Starlight, featuring Tiffany. I’m debating doing a little behind the scenes work and writing something for Cat and Nicole.

The trouble with writing Nicole is her perception of the world is so dang different from ours. The written word only allows the writer to focus on a single idea at a time. Nicole has multiple bodies with multiple brains all acting in tandem. I think I handled her very well in Lightfall, but deciding which information is the stuff that is immediately relevant and interesting is something of a challenge. There’s just SO MUCH information that she’s processing at a given time. Cat has a similar issue but she’s limited by the scope of a normal human’s perception and perspective at least. Anyway, that might be a bonus just for you all who are supporting me when the series is finished, if that’s something you’re interested in. Let me know.

And speaking of support. I said something that in hindsight was exceedingly arrogant in my previous post. Namely that Lightfall didn’t need any help. Yes it’s doing well, but ALL of my work needs your help. I am no more an island than any one of my books or stories and every bit of support means a lot. All I can offer in my defense is this: the staggering division of love and hate received by my Monster Girls release had me reeling and, quite frankly, hurting. This was not only unprofessional, it was childish. Welcome to the real world, right? The only thing to do is press forward and keep on keeping on, producing more and better work. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.

On the subject of Modern Adventures with Monster Girls–those of you who opened your last email from my newsletter got a bit of a treat. I have decided to make an illustrated edition of each issue of Modern Adventures with Monster Girls and give them away for free to my Patrons on Patreon and my Mailing List Subscribers each month with following the new release on Amazon, Smashwords, and everywhere else. I’ll be including the first issue’s illustrated edition in every newsletter this month, so if you’ve already deleted the previous emails or haven’t already signed up and aren’t interested in becoming a Patron, hang tight. There will be at least one more before March.


By the way, Nairy Rivera is the winner of this months Monster Girls Poll! She’ll be featured on the next issue’s cover (which is under construction now) and her story shall be the focus of Issue 2.

I’d like to close out this post with a thank you all for your support. If you enjoy my books, especially my new releases, please take a few moments to leave a review. I’m still hungrily expanding my beta reader and launch team. If anyone is interested in reading my books before they come out and offering their feedback, I would love to hear from you.

For now, Happy Reading!

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