HO-LEE Cow! Monster Girls is Taking Off!

Apparently Monster Girls is a Series That a LOT of People Have Been Waiting For!

I got my first Patron on my new Patreon before the product even had a description and it was in the top 100 in two different Amazon lists while all the description said was “pending.” I’ve watched it climb the ranks today and as of the time of writing this post, it is #2 in short reads for science fiction and fantasy, #12 in short reads for literature and fiction (who knew I was writing “literature?”), and #106 in genre fiction for urban life. I am truly blown away. Thank you everyone who has already ordered your copy.


Blown away by these rankings!

I went on Smashwords today and went ahead and made the book available on there for free as opposed to waiting. My reasoning for this is twofold: One, I want to get try and make this book free before it is released and everyone who has purchased a copy gets charged, and two, Smashwords demands a 10 day period between your final uploaded draft and your release date. This would have meant for certain that everyone who ordered their copy from Amazon would have to pay for it, whereas this way, with your help, it might be free in time.

Here’s what I mean by “with your help.” Amazon has a little button on the book’s page, very small and almost hidden beneath the best seller rankings, where they ask if you’ve seen a cheaper version of this book somewhere else. You can actually see it in the image above. If enough people click on it and say yes, Amazon should match the price–which in this case is FREE. I say “should” because Amazon is the Grand Overlord of Indie Authors and can really do whatever the heck it wants. I’m not complaining about this, mind, just calling it like it is. All we can do is let them know there’s another option that’s beating them out. To that end, when you are telling them about the free option, you’ll need to copy-paste in the following URL to prove to our grand overlord that you’re not making things up: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/783812

And if you haven’t already, please check out my PATREON account so that you can vote on the next Monster Girl and issue in the series. The first poll launches on February 1st with the official release of Issue 1 and should either be accompanied by character art, or character art will follow shortly thereafter. Guys and gals–I cannot overstate how amazing it has been working with this artist. Garnet Flame makes these Monster Girls look GOOD! She should have a new speed paint up of one of the girls soon. 🙂


Lightfall is off to the review and beta team! Their’s shall be the very last edits I perform. Otherwise the book is entirely ready–except that I made a moronic, rookie mistake. I forgot to specify the dimensions of the artwork to the artist (not to be confused with Garnet, who is working on Monster Girls) and the result is not Amazon-friendly. Stressing out a little here about that since Lightfall is available for pre-order now and I didn’t realize the image wasn’t showing up until AFTER that fact, well…we may be seeing either a very awkward launch with no cover or an entirely new cover if things don’t get worked out. Seriously embarrassed about this–BUT now I know! Every step of this is a learning process. The only thing to do is learn from it and keep on going.

And in that spirit: ONWARD! The second book in the series, Mercury, is written and now in edits and the third book, Pryophage, is in pre-production, and I’ll be going into full on writing mode after posting this.

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