Absolutely Amazing Cover Art!

Introducing the new covers for my two new series: Lightfall and Modern Adventures with Monster Girls!

Before we get started, this is the last chance to get on the beta readers and review team for the series launch of these two books. If you’d like an early copy in exchange for an honest review come the release dates please send me an email at haydenharperwrites at yahoo dot com.

And without further ado, on to the cover art!


But wait, Hayden, that’s a YouTube video! I know! The amazingly talented Garnet Flame asked if she could share her creation of my cover art on her channel and I said absolutely! I mean, really, who the heck would turn that down?

If you’ve already watched the video, or at least the beginning, the you already heard her talk about what’s got me especially excited for this new series. YOU, the readers, will get to decide what happens next in each issue and which monster girl will get the spotlight. The catch? It costs $2 to vote on my new Pateon account. I don’t think that’s too prohibitive, especially since within a day of going live I got my first patron and he pledged a shocking amount over that. I’d appreciate your thoughts so let me know in the comments below what you think.

The book is available for Pre-Order at Amazon BUT! If you’ll wait a few days after it comes out, I will set it to perma-free. Unfortunately Amazon won’t let me set anything for free until it’s live at a lower price on a different website. So it comes down to whether or not you’re willing to wait a few days or part with $0.99 the day it comes out.

And again, another shout out to the exceptionally talented Garnet Flame! Thanks for bringing my characters to life!


Lightfall Book Cover

Presenting the new superhero team: Lightfall.

Yeah, I know. This title gets the James Bond “Sky Fall” song stuck in my head too.

Lightfall is the start of my promised new superhero series. It’s a little like Young Justice meets Power Rangers–except with young adults dealing with real issues. Six young women, accidentally given powers, are out to fight evil and look good doing it as they are hunted by the shadowy corporation responsible for their empowerment and face an extra-dimensional alien threat.

It is not yet available for pre-order but I’ll have that up soon! If all goes as planned it should be available February 5th, so mark your calendar. Or, you know, just follow my Author Page on Amazon and let the mega corporation that will take over the world in 2020 tell you. That’s what I’d do. All hail our new corporate masters–right?

Anyways, let me know what you think of the covers below AND what you think of my new Patreon page.

Thank you all for your support!



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