New Books are Coming: Launch Team Wanted!

That’s right, I said BOOKS. Plural.

The holidays have been crazy, and only partly because of the holidays themselves (especially post-Harvey). In between relatives, gift exchanging, and food comas I have been plotting like mad. This February will mark the release of not one, but two new series.

One of these, of course, is the promised superhero project, which turned out vastly different from my original vision but I think is stronger for it. We may see what I originally had in mind surface later as a spin off or something, but honestly, I’ve got so many projects lined up…well, it’s a VERY good problem to have! Thank you for making it possible.

And without further ado…the BOOKS!

Superheroes! Introducing…Lightfall.

Lightfall, starts off as a group origin story and then will launch into single character focused books. The series follows the adventures and misadventures of six young women caught in an accident and given super powers as the struggle with their new identities, desire to make the world a better place, and are caught up in a sinister conspiracy that might just be our world’s best hope for survival.

The first book is undergoing final edits and is awaiting…wait for it…cover art! I’ve made enough money off The Horned Mage that I decided to hire a cover artist! I’d actually intended this series to be launched in January but finding the right fit took longer than I thought. That said, book two is well under way and if things go well, should be published later in the same month.

And the Monster Girl Series I’ve been promising since forever is finally launching!

I’ve been promising to do something with Monster Girls since I first started this endeavor and it’s finally–FINALLY–happening. My original plan for it was to be a series of one-offs with different monster girls in the modern world falling in love. That. Kicked. My. Butt.

Turns out, I don’t do one shots very well. And those who asked after it were mostly interested in the anime-harem-style element. So, that’s what you’re getting. Sort of. You see, I’ve been wanting to do reader-driven fiction since I started and that’s exactly what Modern Adventures with Monster Girls is going to be.

The aim as of right now is to release a new installment monthly with readers voting on my new Patreon page which story elements to follow and which Monster Girls you want to read about. I am really excited about this one! And the artist I’ve hired for the covers is terrific! In fact, I encourage you to check out her YouTube channel to see her speed paint videos. She’ll actually be posting her work on the first cover up soon!

Which brings me to…

I Need a Launch Team! Beta Readers and Reviewers Wanted. 

Reviews, especially early on, help authors so much! I need to put together a collection of readers who would like to get their hands on an early copy of my books and are willing to review them on Amazon when they are launched. I need extra eyes to catch those typos that slip past me and people willing to tell Amazon that these are books worth reading.

PLEASE: Email me at haydenharperwrites AT yahoo DOT com if you are interested in joining the launch team and getting an early look at my newest projects.

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