Superheroines and Kindle Unlimited

So I’m still experimenting with self-publishing and teaching myself as I go. Last week I began tinkering with Kindle Select, making my works free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers so that I get paid for pages read instead of books purchased. I did this first on the omnibus edition and my sales vanished completely. I got a few thousand pages read, but if my calculations are right, it still wasn’t where things were. I’ve since switched things around and taken the omnibus edition off KU and put up instead the individual books comprising the series. My thinking is that this way I don’t lose out on sales of people just picking up the omnibus and then never actually reading it and that those most likely to complete the series on KU will actually finish the book they’re on before going on to the next one. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. Right now I’m feeling a little like I looked a gift horse in the mouth.

Fortunately I am making great time with the new series! I was really worried there for a bit because of how long Dragua was dragging on but this one is flowing fast. I’m already between 25-33% of the way through the first draft. It looks like these are going to be longer pieces than The Horned Mage. Right now I’m estimating an easy 30-40k word count for the first book. This feels like a bit of a gamble. When I did the first Horned Mage book, I put it up on Wattpad and Literotica to gauge reactions before pushing forward with the rest of the series and it was easily a third less volume than any of the other HM books. Still, I think I’m going the right direction here.

My current goal is to have this next book ready and available for purchase by Christmas. We’ll see how that goes. The holidays tend to turn into a circus around me but it would be great to get to where I’m putting out 1-2 works a month. That is my long term goal. No promises about being able to meet that yet but that is the dream, so to speak.

On that note, what are your thoughts on publishing multiple series simultaneously? I like the idea of spreading out but I’m worried about damaging momentum. I still need to do my Monster Girl Romances. Talk about good problems to have though. More to come soon!

PS: I just found all my works on Goodreads! This is great because the ratings they’re getting there are terrific. The bad news is that they have been assigned to a different Hayden Harper on there. I’m about 98% certain this is an accident and correcting it isn’t on my list of immediate priorities, but that is something else to get on.

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