Superheroines Are Coming!

Because the world needs more female badasses.

I had this big reveal planned where I would share a logo with everyone last week and then the graphic designer I hired flaked on me. Seriously, most irritating conversation I have had in years. Short version, they said they could do what I asked, produced something horrible that I couldn’t use commercially even if it wasn’t, said wait they’d fix it, and then vanished. And then I got sick. So, last week was kind of crappy that way.

All of which is to say, screw waiting around, I’m working on stuff and letting you know what’s what. First of all, The Horned Mage Books 1-5 is published and live. If you haven’t this will save you about $3.00, so basically the cost of one of the individual books. I have actually invested some money in promotion this time because–and HOLY COW THANK YOU GUYS!–my books are selling well enough that I can afford to!


The Horned Mage Books 1-5 PLUS a bonus short story!

And on that exciting note, let’s finally move FORWARD! My original plan, as some of you know, was to write a serialized space-opera/sword and sorcery hybrid. I actually really liked the world building I did and will probably recycle it sometime, but the story was sub-par, my individual story arcs were repetitive, and I was debating what to do when I saw the new Justice League movie and realized what I had to do. My next series is going to focus on a group of burgeoning superheroines.

Just before I saw the movie I had stumbled across this article about the sexualized Amazonian costumes in the movie. I held off judgement until after seeing it and, quite frankly, I am disappointed with not only the film’s portrayal of the Amazons (who are still badasses, regardless of how impractical their attire is) and especially of Wonder Woman. It seemed like every shot of Gal Gadot was deliberately trying to show off her but or go up her costume’s skirt. Now, these women are all absolutely gorgeous and Gal Gadot’s bottom is worth admiring, but this was a touch ridiculous. Maybe it would have been forgivable if it had just been one or the other but taken together I found it annoying and disrespectful.


Now, I realize that it may seem strange to hear this coming from me considering the material that I write but I have always striven to make my characters, both male and female realistic and human–even when they are something other than. If one of my characters is a warrior, then they will dress and act like a warrior, regardless of their gender. We need more female superheroes. Yes, my stuff will still be steamy, but I want to emphasize more of the human (and therefore flawed) element of these characters.

I want to take a crack at something with multiple characters perspectives creating an explosive chemical chain reaction and I believe that this is the best way to go about it. If I had any doubts lingering about this project they were crushed in the buildup and release of the Infinity Wars trailer–I mean, come on, Marvel even had a trailer for the trailer the day before and this thing is just freaking awesome. I want to make one of my own and I’m pretty dang sure you’re going to like it.

Below I have included a list of some authors and works that have influenced me and the direction I will be taking with this new project, and I highly recommend checking them out if this subject matter is at all interesting to you or if you are willing to try something new.

Niall Teasedale (Witches and Rayguns): Ultrahumans

Mia Archer: Villains Don’t Date Heroes

Drew Hayes: Super Powereds

2 thoughts on “Superheroines Are Coming!

  1. Please do not turn into Niall… Your characters are a lot more well developed and less “cheesy”. The steamy parts have better impact because of it.

    Mia and Drew are great though.

    For superhero stuff specifically:
    Jeffrey Haskell -Arsenal
    Andrew Seiple- Dire
    William D Arand- Super Sales on Super Heroes are also all excellent.

    Look forward to your new series.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi White Rabbit,

      First, thank you for commenting and the list of literature. Second, another thank you for your reviews on my work on Amazon. I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered them.

      I will say this in Niall’s defense, Teasedale is an excellent worldbuilder and terrific at constructing magic systems. Thank you for saying my characters are well-developed. You just affirmed that I have been achieving one of my goals in writing these works.

      I’m actually reading Book 2 in Super Sales right now. I have not heard of the other two and will be sure to check them out.


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