Heel-Face Turn; Also Cover Reveal

SO. First thing is first. I hadn’t checked on my sales stats since early October. Seriously, seeing how things have EXPLODED since blew my mind. I mean, it was a physical sensation in my stomach. The increase was exponential and shocking. Last I checked Fel Herritage was in the top 20 in 3 different categories. HOLY. CRAP. So once again, to everyone who has been purchasing and reading my books and supporting me, thank you. Sincerely.

On the heels of that comes THIS! I present to you, the cover for the Horned Mage Omnibus collection!


I really like what my artist managed with this and feel like the cover does the collection justice. Digging the look in the model’s eyes and the antlers twining around her. *Pauses for a moment of admiration*


And that brings me to some mixed news. Bad part first: I am putting Dragua on indefinite hiatus. I was going through my edits and it starts strong but quickly begins to drag and many of the scenes seem to repeat each other. I’d begun working on Dragua months back, planning to reach out to different niches–very different–and maybe I still will in some cases, but the overwhelming success of The Horned Mage coupled with these issues…it has me revisiting and revising a plan I had before. The real bad news is this: it’ll be a little while longer before the next books are out.

The good news? They’re going to be of a quality that 1) I can be proud of and 2) you can enjoy. I touched on a few subjects in The Horned Mage close to my heart and Dragua wasn’t really doing that. This new project will be a little louder, with more powers and relationships and complications that will keep you’re head spinning. This work I will make quality. And I will keep the first one to a free, serialized format as I’d intended for Dragua.

The Monster Girl Romance is still on schedule and next week I will announce Dragua’s replacement and, if all goes as planned (why does it seem like life hates plans?) I should have something to show you for it.

Remember, if you want the short story that is to be included in The Horned Mage Omnibus, you can get it for FREE by signing up for my newsletter. I promise, I won’t lambaste you with random spam–only free stories and new releases.

Happy Holidays!

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