Back in the Swing of Things

I’m writing again and will have fresh new material for you soon! Here’s a status report.

I am about 75% of the way through with getting 9 months of FREE online serial ready for release. This will be a sexy blend of sword and sorcery and maybe a bit of space opera. I’m experimenting heavily with it but am thoroughly enjoying both the world building and characters.

A new novel, and depending on reception, book series, is in the works. I’m several chapters in and enjoying working on it. It’s a little bit different from previous stuff, though frankly speaking everything I’m working on now is. The title is Beautiful Beasts and takes place in a feudal world where women are divided into those who are Diamond Souled and “pure” with the ability to cancel out the magical abilities of those around them, and beasts, women whose spirit is that of something decidedly inhuman and without a psychic tether will turn into a raving, flesh eating monster. The driving question behind this work’s conception is this–is your freedom worth your sanity? What about your freedom? More details to come.

Outlining a new short series along the same vein of The Horned Mage, where it is all broken into smaller installments that share an overarching story and growth of characters, this time from multiple perspectives. Heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, this one can be summed up as D&D in a modern college.

And finally, I have a cover being worked on right now for an omnibus edition of The Horned Mage, which I plan to release sometime in the next few weeks. This omnibus will include a brand new short story to act as a sort of afterwords. And as a thank you to all my readers who have purchased the installments as they were released, this short story will be made available to you for FREE via my mailing list. Now I just have to finally get that set up properly.

Yikes it seems like there is always more to do. I’m still trying to get my monster girl romance shorts together and have plans for a Christmas release of the very first one, so stay tuned for my mailing list to finally get off the ground and you’ll not only get that Horned Mage story for free, but a Monster Girl Christmas Romance as well.

And now I am off to try and get some of my enormous, self-imposed, workload lightened. More fiction to come soon!


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