Harvey Got Me In The End

Thank you everyone who bought my books. The first royalty checks came just at around the same time I got the news that Harvey hadn’t left me as unscathed as I thought. My place of business went underwater and while my home didn’t flood, the little repairs that the homeowner’s association was supposed to make (and never did) were torn apart. The short version is that I returned from where I’d been staying, confident that I had both work and a home waiting for me to discover the home unlivable and the work gone. Those royalty checks helped me stay fed and sheltered while I sought new work and a place to stay.

Things are still pretty up in the air, but the last few weeks I managed to find contractor work with emergency response and that money’s gone a long way. Unfortunately none of what has been going on has left me much time to write. I am aiming to correct this now as I continue the search for greater stability. Honestly, if the way things were starting to go with the Horned Mage series keeps going with what I write next… well, here’s to hopes and dreams, right?

In the mean time, plans have changed and I’m writing when I can as often as I can to produce what I’ve promised. New books and stories are coming and I’m trying to reestablish a routine and publishing schedule. You’ll know what’s going on as soon as I do and shouldn’t have to wait too long before my next work. I’m going as fast and as hard as I can and would like to say thank you again to everyone who has purchased my books and continues to follow my progress. I promise, there is more to come.

–Hayden Harper




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