Fel Heritage is Out!

Book 5 of The Horned Mage series is out and brings this era of insanity on Caleb Marshal’s life to a close. With it come answers to the questions everyone has been wanting to know…

Will he end up with Jadeite? Who are his parents? How was he created? What is going to happen next? Why can’t I have a cheeseburger right now?

Okay, maybe that last one was just me, but hopefully the other questions are answered to your satisfaction in this finale. If you haven’t already got your copy, you can grab it here for only $2.99.


Fel Heritage is #5 Amazon’s Hot New Releases for African American Erotica!

Currently it’s sitting at #5 in the African American Erotica’s Hot New Release List on Amazon! Here’s the stats from the book’s page directly…

I am shocked and honored by these stats. To rank that high in either African American Erotica is nuts, but to also be ranked so highly in LGBT Fantasy? CRAZY!

Honestly it’s been a ton of fun writing these books and I’m almost sad to see this series wrap up. That’s not to say that there isn’t or will never be more in The Horned Mage series, I’ve got at least a couple short stories I want to write from the girls’ perspective, but now my priorities are shifting on to other projects.

Apparently I’m not as good at juggling multiples as I thought. Being an author is hard work–who knew!? All told, I’m really pleased with this work. I think that book 5 might just be the best of the series (and would love it if you left a review letting Amazon and the world know what you think). Considering how limited my time and budget is, I think this turned out exceptionally well.

I’m not done yet though. Not by a long shot. I really want to get my monster girl romances finished and out, and I have a sword and planet series that is screaming at my to be written. Several chapters are already complete actually–I just want more done so that I can release them in a timely and organized manor and not leave you all cooling your heals for the next installment. So stay posted and happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Fel Heritage is Out!

  1. I left a review on book 5, it was absolutely the best of the 5. With regards to the monster girl romances, is that going to be a harem story like this or a collection of short stories with different people?

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    • Thanks for the review!

      The current intention is for the monster girl romance to be a series of interlocking one-shots rather than a harem story. Depending on the reception there could be an expansion on a character pairing or perhaps a series in the same universe that follows a harem narrative. The sword and planet series however will have a greater focus on the group/poly elements following multiple characters over an extended narrative.


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