An Interview with Altaira Tempest

Guess who’s coming to write?

I thought that it might be kind of fun to interview other authors who write steamy-to-erotic science fiction and fantasy. And our guest today who is kicking off this off is another author who got started this year. Introducing Altaira Tempest!


HH: How did you get started writing and why do you write what you do?

AT: As a child, my imagination invented fantasies that were more complex and developed than any of my little friends. For better or worse, depending on your perspective, this internal life has never really gone way, although I sometimes fear it has diminished. Nevertheless, throughout my life, my mind has, almost involuntarily, continued to invent alien worlds, possible futures, and alternative realities. I’ve dabbled in writing over the years for my own amusement or for the release of self-expression. So with the advent of electronic self-publishing, it was probably only a matter of time before I put some of my work up for sale.

Why sci-fi and fantasy? I couldn’t give you a satisfactory explanation beyond what I’ve just described. It’s just always been that way with me when I create. Although, bizarrely, when I consume, I probably enjoy reading historical and crime fiction more! But when I watch Star Trek or Star Wars, I can’t help but imagine the possibilities of all these beings fucking! I mean, come on, Spock is part human, so what if the alien that the human mated with had a more divergent anatomy than just a pair of pointy ears (in fact, I believe there’s a history of fan speculation about Spock’s penis!). Anyway, the possibilities are endless.

And why write erotica? Well, there’s a question. That same imagination, that created all those alien worlds as a child and as an adult, doesn’t get put to one side where sexuality is concerned. So I’m consistently drawn towards the non-vanilla, whether that’s BDSM themes or the idea of sex with strange alien beings. Or, to put it another way, I’m just an ordinary, everyday pervert. What can I say, I don’t mean any harm and what I write isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously.


HH: I’ve got to ask—why Lizardmen? They’re hands down one of my favorite fantasy “races” and I’ve got to know what inspired you to write about them.

AT: I guess I’m less well-read in erotica than other writers because I honestly didn’t know it was a thing. The Lizardmen stories are the first two parts in an ongoing series called Planet Submission, set in a future where space exploration is a reality, that tells the story of an Earth woman called Scarlett who has crash-landed on a world called Tyson X. The concept is that this world is better known as Tyson XXX because the inhabitants are sex crazed and live in societies constructed around male domination and female submission. And, of course, I’ve made Scarlett a submissive so she can enjoy herself.

But I’ve also envisioned the future Earth as a place where, out of ethical and social concerns, such tendencies are frowned upon, to the point where BDSM is outlawed. So when she crashes on Tyson XXX, she’s suddenly free to express herself in ways she’s never been allowed to before. I’ve had fun writing the three installments I’ve published so far and want to keep telling the tale of her adventures as she journeys through this world and meets its weird inhabitants. So all that is a long, boring way to say that because I had Scarlett crash in a jungle, a lizard people seemed a reasonable choice for her first encounter—all green scales and flexible tongues ;-). But I’ve already moved on to the Swamp Men, who are basically amphibians!

HH: What is your creative process? Do you do you have a set routine or do you change things up each time?

ATI think I’m still in the discovery and development phase where my process, if it can be called that, is concerned. I’ve tried just writing from a stream of consciousness and found that sometimes it works and sometimes what I’ve written is unsalvageable, no matter how many times I edit. Conversely, if I overthink the first draft, when I read what I’ve written, it can be stilted, and I’m left trying to breathe life into it. Ask me again in a year and we’ll see if I’ve found a happy medium!

HH: What has been your favorite book or project to work on and why?

 AT: The Planet Submission series is the most fun I’ve had. And I think it’s because there’s just such a lot of possibility.


HH: What does the future hold for you? Do you have any goals you’re trying to accomplish with your writing or projects you can’t wait to get started on?

AT: I’m not sure what the future holds. Would I like to earn my living by writing? Sure. Do I think that’s probable? Who can say? Mostly, I just want to improve. I’ve only been publishing since January and I can already see a big improvement, to the point where I unpublished my first dozen stories in order to re-edit and re-release them! This is a long and financially unrewarding process that I am, nevertheless, compelled to complete! I also have other ideas for other ongoing serialized stories set in alien worlds that I want to start.

You can find Altaira’s Amazon Catalogue HERE and if you subscribe to Altaira’s Website you will receive a free short story. And be sure to follow @altaira_tempest on Twitter!

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