Vote for Your Favorite Cover!

Vote for which cover you prefer for The Horned Mage, Book 4: Everyday Evil.


So it’s a good news/good news/less good news situation here. Let’s start out with the two bits of good news because they’re the most obvious. The Horned Mage Book Four is entering the final stages of editing and minor revisions. If everything goes according to plan I’ll have it available for pre-order in the next few days on Amazon and it will be in your Kindle bookshelves before July is over. *Leaps for joy!*

More good news. The cover artist gave me two alternative versions of the cover, displayed below. And I want YOU to tell me which one you prefer. It’s a minor difference but I thoroughly enjoy engaging with my readers whenever I can and this seems a fairly simple way to do that.

Note that I said, fairly simple. Enter the slightly less good news. I say slightly less good because its not actually bad news, it’s only a complication. The same one I’ve been dealing with from the start frankly. I am operating on a shoestring budget to get all of this going. Seriously, if you could go inside your Kindle and look at your book copies you’d find the coding is held together with duct tape and will power. Which finally brings me to my point. My WordPress account is on a personal plan. All of the polls the cool kids are using require the business plan. It’s not a huge financial hurdle, but it’s still a hurdle.

I’ve set a personal goal for myself to keep all costs to an absolute minimum until I am actually making a profit on my books. While they are selling, they have not yet overcome the (admittedly low) cost of their production yet. Until such time, I cannot justify the expense.

Which doesn’t mean that I don’t want your awesome opinions! I’m just going to have to do this the old fashioned way–by show of hands! Or in this case, tweets and posts. Tweet me @HaydenHarper8 with #gethorny and the cover you prefer or reply directly to this blog post. By the end of the week, when the book goes up for pre-order, the cover will be selected and appear on Amazon.

And without further ado we have

Cover Option 1:


And Cover Option 2.


So it’s really a question of Gauze or No Guaze and I’m honestly torn. I think that the gauze of option one is elegant but I don’t know if it goes with the over all composition. I’m eager to hear what you all think about the covers and which you’ll end up preferring. Remember if you don’t want to reply to this blog post directly with your preference you can reach me on Twitter: @HaydenHarper8 #GetHorny

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