This Week Sucks. At Least Book 4 is Almost Done.

Independence Day is an interesting time for me because it’s clustered with several other family events. Coupled with a few other things that absolutely no one has any genuine interest in, I have not been able to get a single word written since last week and it is pissing me off. I feel like one of those teapots that screams at you when the water inside is heated up only more punchy and potentially explosive. Like, if I don’t write something soon, even if it’s just this blog post, the results will be lethal to everyone within 1.5 kilometers around me. And being brought up through the American education system, I honestly have only the roughest idea of how long a kilometer is.

What really sucks is how close I am on so much. Things only needing a few more chapters written, a few more scenes polished, the next part plotted so that I can smoothly continue my work. Life keeps throwing me roadblocks and traffic jams.

That said, I’m pushing here. In addition to actually writing, I really wanted to get some more marketing done on HM 1-3 but I have next to no Internet access at the moment (see aforementioned things no one actually cares to hear about) but what are you going to do? I got my first review, my books are selling, if very slowly, and book 4 is, in point of fact, almost done. So there’s that. And book 5 is outlined and plotted though still in development. Cue “Always Look On The Bright Side” music.

I’ll actually be doing a cover reveal for book 4 soon and will be wanting some feedback. The artist gave me 2 different versions and though the difference is small, I would love to hear from those who actually care which cover you prefer. And I’m thinking of inviting some other indie/erotica/fantasy authors to guest post here. Does anyone who read this have any suggestions or requests?


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