The Horned Mage is Actually Selling!

Also, I got my very first Amazon review! 4 stars for Collateral Alpha. It might have actually been higher but the reviewer caught some typos. That’s what I get for doing my own copy edits.

Note to Self: reach out to find some beta readers in the near future. I’ll probably finish up The Horned Mage series first. It’s hard enough keeping up the momentum and I don’t want to break it now.

Here are the books Amazon Stats as of June 28 — I’m pretty excited about these numbers! Probably more excited than I should be, truth be told.

Broken Curse

Collateral Alpha

Defiled Bonds

4 thoughts on “The Horned Mage is Actually Selling!

    • Joe! I’m glad you found me here and posted. I’ve actually been looking for a way to reach out to you and I’m sorry that it’s taken me this long. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books. Thank you so much for leaving a review–seriously, you have no idea how much reviews help. Would you be interested in receiving and advanced copy of book 4 in exchange for another honest (and I stretch the importance of honest here) review?


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