That Moment When You Realize…

…That that clever product funnel you studied up on and thought you were so smart implementing wasn’t fully set up. My plan was to include hyperlinks to the next book in the series at the back of each installment of The Horned Mage. When they were formatted they weren’t up on Amazon yet and I didn’t have any placeholder set up (note to self for next time). I figured, it’s okay, get them formatted now so that you can actually put the books up on Amazon, setting them up for pre-order and come back once that’s done and include the proper link.

Guess who forgot to do that last part? Anyone? \

So yeah, there’s this big old bland text that says “click here for X” and it doesn’t take you anywhere. Working on that now and should have it wrapped in the next few days if all goes well. Could kick myself right now.

But you know, this whole thing is supposed to be a learning experience. I’ve learned something. Next time this won’t happen.

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