#GetHorny: The Horned Mage Books 1-3 Are Here!

BrokenCurse_Cover_LighterAre you horny? Because The Horned Mage books 1-3 are now available!


Okay, I officially suck at book promotion but here goes nothing, right? The wait for books two and three is officially over and they are all available now on Amazon and Book Four is well underway!

If you haven’t checked out The Horned Mage: Broken Curse for FREE already on Literotica or Wattpad already, here is your chance to get it on Amazon.


The Horned Mage: Collateral Alpha is the second book in the series and is right now only available on Amazon. Things are beginning to heat up for Caleb Marshal as he tries to adjust to his life now that his curse is broken and he’s magically bound to his best friend’s stepsister. Things explode when a pack of werewolf bikers rolls into town and the life Caleb has managed to build for himself is just collateral damage.






Like Collateral Alpha, The Horned Mage: Defiled Bonds is only available on Amazon for now. Following the upheaval of Caleb’s life in book two, he finally thinks he’s got a handle on things. He’s happy and life is good. Until his best friend Jadeite’s dad comes to visit. But is he there for his daughter or for some other reason. Caleb doesn’t trust him and now two of Lexus’ friends have gone missing. Only after he begins digging does Caleb realize he’s stumbled onto something bigger than he may be able to handle and it might just cost him his already strained relationship with Jadeite.


More books and stories are underway! If there’s something that you are absolutely dying to read about, please let me know. And if you could leave a review on any of these books I would be very appreciative. The more they sell, the more focus I can dedicate to writing, and the more erotic fantasy I can bring to you.






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