Things are picking up!

The Horned Mage books are being formatted. The serial’s pilot is now ready for edits. Everything is finally coming together. Dang this has been a long journey and had some periods where things dragged on by. But now I’m picking up momentum!

More books, more stories, more fantasies will all soon be on the way to you! Dang I’m excited. This is…I’ve learned so much doing this. I’m still floundering but now I’m floundering with direction and purpose. A course has been set and while there is not yet a date to accompany the expected destination, the destination IS expected!



Horned Mage Three is OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!victory

My Newsletter is now live and integrated with my blog!

My serial project is almost ready to launch!

I have covers for all three books in the Horned Mage series! I plan to reveal them soon as the launch date approaches.