Horned Mage Update


That took way longer than planned. In large part because there’s a ton of work being done on my home right now that’s eating up all my time and energy. Seriously, I’m wrapping up the day sore and grimy and the last thing I want to do when I’m done is write, at least physically. Mentally I’m kicking myself but physically, holy crap I’m wiped.

And my deal for the book covers fell through! Now that was a waste of time and money. Reaching out to a new artist now but damn if that didn’t throw me off my game. It’s weird how little things that are only peripherally related to actually writing can mess you up. Any how, this guy took my money, kept delaying and making excuse after excuse, and never actually delivered. Finally got my money back but now I’m totally behind schedule for where I wanted to be.

Bright side? With the length of time it’s taken me to get through this draft, as opposed to the previous two books, I’m behind anyway. Small blessing? Maybe.

Debating setting up side websites for each of the series I write that detail the world, characters, and the order of the books. Maybe splurge on some character art. Of course, it might help if I actually got my books out there first…Cart before the horse. Still–I’m looking to the future. Ideally I’ll have these three books ready to go by June, preferably with the next two closing in shortly behind. And some short stories. I definitely want to play around with other character’s perspectives.

Basically I need to write more. SO. Let’s see if we can’t make that a reality, yeah? Curse you real life! I shall emerge victorious in spite of you!

More Horned Mage and other writing updates soon, including the secret project I mentioned in my last post. Keep an eye out and thanks for sticking with me!

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