Horned Mage Three

The Horned Mage Two is done and I’m still plowing away! This next book is longer than either of it’s predecessors and is demanding a whole new chapter in an unexpected area PLUS one chapter that refuses to behave and keeps ending up a jumbled mess. Excluding these rogue chapters I’m about two thirds done with the rough draft. write-posterDepending on outside interference I should be done within the next few days. Going to really try and have a go at it tonight and knock out as much as I can.

In other news, I am now on both Goodreads and Pinterest, though as of this post I haven’t actually done anything on either one. That should change soon and if you’d like to reach out to me on either of those platforms I’d be flattered.

And in still more exciting news, I hired a cover artist. Unfortunately he keeps pushing back the deadline. I’ve finally had to put my foot down, which I’m loath to do, and give him a hard deadline or I’m going to have to find someone else to do the work. Stay tuned to see how that turns out. I’ll be posting early reveals of the cover here when it’s done.

And speaking of done, after book three is finished, I’ll begin launching The Horned Mage ebooks! In total I see five books comprising this series, plus a few short stories from other character’s perspectives. Once those are all out, I plan on starting a new series.

Here’s where it gets exciting! With the launch of The Horned Mage will also come the launch of my Patreon account. You, dear readers, will be able to get an exclusive sneak peak at the first chapter of each one and vote on which one you’d rather see next. That’s not all my Patreon will allow you to do, of course. Remember those short stories I mentioned a 24amoment ago? My Patrons will get those for free. And I’ve got a special surprise project in the works but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out what it is.

And now, I’m off to write! Got a fun evening ahead of me full of magic, violence, and debauchery. Muahahaha!

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