Horned Mage 2 Rough Draft Done!

Woohoo! Damn I’m feeling good right now. Riding a bit of a riding high. Since picking myself back up and navigating all the BS that comes with adulting I have attacked the Horned Mage project and am now done with the rough draft of the second book: Collateral Alpha.

It’s not done, it still needs some polishing, but I have another manuscript, this one about 5k words longer than the first. End goal is to get where I can crank out 30k novellas quick and easy but for now my goal is 20k, which I just barely went over with the first Horned Mage book. If I can keep up a consistent pace and word count like this I’ll be very pleased.

Ideally I’ll have the revisions and edits wrapped up over the next few days and I’ve already begun drafting up book three. I want to release all three, if not at the same time, at least close together so that readers don’t have to wait for any real length between them. Once that’s done I’ll either return to Beautiful Beasts or try a steamy superhero series I’ve got percolating in my brain. Initial thoughts are I’ll do BB but get my Patreon really going by letting patrons vote on superpowers and archetypes for that superhero project. And if Horned Mage does well enough, we may see a return to that world as well.

I like the idea of operating in threes. I think I can get three 20k+ novellas written per month and if that’s the case then I can release that amount regularly after I build up my stock. Of course, watch those words bite me on the ass. Still, goals. Trying to keep them doable but dreaming big at the same time. Writing shorter drafts like this seems to be a lot easier than pushing for a 50k to 80k word novel in a single go. Not that I don’t want to write the bigger projects, it’s just…so many ideas I want to explore. Plus, more stories for the readers with a faster turnoaround. Not that I have anything resembling a fan base yet, but reviews of Horned Mage, The Broken Curse on Literotica have been largely positive, so that gives me hope.

Fingers crossed! I’m writing away.


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