I’m Like a Cockroach

Disgusting factoid of the day…it’s almost impossible to kill cockroaches. The gross little insects are virtually indestructible. Pesticide? They adapt. Cut off their heads? They only die days later of thirst or starvation. Nuclear war? Pshh. So anyway, remember my last post way back when? Yeah, I had no idea what life was preparing to throw at me. I feel as though I’ve been thoroughly squashed.

That said, I haven’t given up. I am regrouping, adapting, and am continuing to work on my writing. The second book of the Horned Mage saga is still being written. Recent events have forced me to question things like message and direction in my work. Horned Mage was originally meant to be a silly, eroticized urban fantasy. Nothing serious. It probably still won’t be. But I have been thinking about what it means and represents. And it really doesn’t challenge its own genre or tropes and has the potential to only be reinforcing many of the things I think are wrong with the world. Things I don’t want to support. I want my work to mean more, to leave the world at least with the hope of improvement.

Because of this I’ve gone back to the drawing board. The first book probably won’t see too many changes. I hate going backwards and it sets up a bunch of things that can be questioned and challenged. Therefore the next books definitely will see a deeper consideration for their subject matter and an attempt at more characterization.

I want to write things that are fun and sexy and, quite frankly, that I can turn out quickly because there’s always a bajillion ideas careening around my brain ready to burst their way out of my skull. But I want to also write quality. I want to make things that are worth reading, and not just for their entertainment value–though that is of critical import to me. I want them to be fun but to also inspire at least some degree of thought. I want to write smart. I want to write quality. Especially after crap that’s been happening these last two months. I don’t want to get into the specifics, that’s not what this blog is about or for, but I feel as if I’ve had the living shit beaten out of me.

Anyone paying attention to my work, thank you so much for your patience as I reorder myself. Get ready, because I’m aiming to launch several fun projects in the very near future. My writing has been moved to the top of my list of priorities.

So, I’m picking myself back up, and going back into production mode. More writing. More work. More…life. I want more and I want to make more. I expect more from me and I hope you do too. I will not let life squash me. I will adapt and realize my goals and dreams.

So once more, here goes nothing.

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