Not Defeated!

I’m not dead yet!

The last few weeks have been a battle between my projects here and real As is so often the case, the latter insists on intruding upon the former. In fact I’ve been forced to come to something of a truce. While I have not given up, I will not be able to be as active as I would like until March. That does not mean that I will be inactive or not working on stuff, only that I’m probably not going to be as visible until after February wraps up.

In the mean time I have good news! The first 7 chapters of The Horned Mage are now available on Literotica, divided into 2 parts and the third part, containing chapters 8-10 has just been submitted and should be available for reading within the next 3 days or so (that’s about how long the last 2 submissions took to go live). For those who don’t want to wait, I will try to post the new chapters to my Wattpad account later this evening.

These last chapters bring “The Broken Curse” arc of The Horned Mage to a resolution but launch off a whole new series of questions and modern day quests for our protagonist, which I am looking forward to digging into. Would love to hear feedback and thoughts! In the interim to March I’ll be working on the next arc and other projects, including Beautiful Beasts and another surprise piece.

Hope you enjoy!


Edit! The Horned Mage is now available through ch. 8 on Wattpad!


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