The Horned Mage

Two days in and I am officially 9k words down for one of my first to projects. This one is called The Horned Mage and I’m having fun with it. Was originally going to write it from third person but ended up going with first to get a stronger, wittier voice more in line with the snark we’ve all come to expect and love from urban fantasy. The goal for this one is to have the first draft done at at least 1.5k words and after revisions and editing top out at over 20k so that it’s a novella. After the revision round is complete I’ll be uploading it to some free websites and see if anyone bites. I’m kind of anxious and excited about the feedback. If it’s positive I’ll move forward with publishing it and writing sequels. Part two might have to wait until after I’m done with my other project I’ve started though. Got a good way into that one and decided to do away with an entire angle of the story from before–the voice from that PoV just wasn’t working for me and I think that the original main character is doing all the heavy narrative lifting anyways. The Horned Mage is definitely more in line with erotica while this other project is, dare I say it, more of a fantasy romance. Can’t wait to see how things play out because I am having so much fun!

PS: Also I’ve managed to set up this blog, begin working on setting up a Patreon account, and am working on setting up a newsletter. All told I’m feeling pretty damn good about this endeavor right now!


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