Things are picking up!

The Horned Mage books are being formatted. The serial’s pilot is now ready for edits. Everything is finally coming together. Dang this has been a long journey and had some periods where things dragged on by. But now I’m picking up momentum!

More books, more stories, more fantasies will all soon be on the way to you! Dang I’m excited. This is…I’ve learned so much doing this. I’m still floundering but now I’m floundering with direction and purpose. A course has been set and while there is not yet a date to accompany the expected destination, the destination IS expected!



Horned Mage Three is OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!victory

My Newsletter is now live and integrated with my blog!

My serial project is almost ready to launch!

I have covers for all three books in the Horned Mage series! I plan to reveal them soon as the launch date approaches.


Horned Mage Update


That took way longer than planned. In large part because there’s a ton of work being done on my home right now that’s eating up all my time and energy. Seriously, I’m wrapping up the day sore and grimy and the last thing I want to do when I’m done is write, at least physically. Mentally I’m kicking myself but physically, holy crap I’m wiped.

And my deal for the book covers fell through! Now that was a waste of time and money. Reaching out to a new artist now but damn if that didn’t throw me off my game. It’s weird how little things that are only peripherally related to actually writing can mess you up. Any how, this guy took my money, kept delaying and making excuse after excuse, and never actually delivered. Finally got my money back but now I’m totally behind schedule for where I wanted to be.

Bright side? With the length of time it’s taken me to get through this draft, as opposed to the previous two books, I’m behind anyway. Small blessing? Maybe.

Debating setting up side websites for each of the series I write that detail the world, characters, and the order of the books. Maybe splurge on some character art. Of course, it might help if I actually got my books out there first…Cart before the horse. Still–I’m looking to the future. Ideally I’ll have these three books ready to go by June, preferably with the next two closing in shortly behind. And some short stories. I definitely want to play around with other character’s perspectives.

Basically I need to write more. SO. Let’s see if we can’t make that a reality, yeah? Curse you real life! I shall emerge victorious in spite of you!

More Horned Mage and other writing updates soon, including the secret project I mentioned in my last post. Keep an eye out and thanks for sticking with me!

Horned Mage Three

The Horned Mage Two is done and I’m still plowing away! This next book is longer than either of it’s predecessors and is demanding a whole new chapter in an unexpected area PLUS one chapter that refuses to behave and keeps ending up a jumbled mess. Excluding these rogue chapters I’m about two thirds done with the rough draft. write-posterDepending on outside interference I should be done within the next few days. Going to really try and have a go at it tonight and knock out as much as I can.

In other news, I am now on both Goodreads and Pinterest, though as of this post I haven’t actually done anything on either one. That should change soon and if you’d like to reach out to me on either of those platforms I’d be flattered.

And in still more exciting news, I hired a cover artist. Unfortunately he keeps pushing back the deadline. I’ve finally had to put my foot down, which I’m loath to do, and give him a hard deadline or I’m going to have to find someone else to do the work. Stay tuned to see how that turns out. I’ll be posting early reveals of the cover here when it’s done.

And speaking of done, after book three is finished, I’ll begin launching The Horned Mage ebooks! In total I see five books comprising this series, plus a few short stories from other character’s perspectives. Once those are all out, I plan on starting a new series.

Here’s where it gets exciting! With the launch of The Horned Mage will also come the launch of my Patreon account. You, dear readers, will be able to get an exclusive sneak peak at the first chapter of each one and vote on which one you’d rather see next. That’s not all my Patreon will allow you to do, of course. Remember those short stories I mentioned a 24amoment ago? My Patrons will get those for free. And I’ve got a special surprise project in the works but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out what it is.

And now, I’m off to write! Got a fun evening ahead of me full of magic, violence, and debauchery. Muahahaha!

Horned Mage 2 Rough Draft Done!

Woohoo! Damn I’m feeling good right now. Riding a bit of a riding high. Since picking myself back up and navigating all the BS that comes with adulting I have attacked the Horned Mage project and am now done with the rough draft of the second book: Collateral Alpha.

It’s not done, it still needs some polishing, but I have another manuscript, this one about 5k words longer than the first. End goal is to get where I can crank out 30k novellas quick and easy but for now my goal is 20k, which I just barely went over with the first Horned Mage book. If I can keep up a consistent pace and word count like this I’ll be very pleased.

Ideally I’ll have the revisions and edits wrapped up over the next few days and I’ve already begun drafting up book three. I want to release all three, if not at the same time, at least close together so that readers don’t have to wait for any real length between them. Once that’s done I’ll either return to Beautiful Beasts or try a steamy superhero series I’ve got percolating in my brain. Initial thoughts are I’ll do BB but get my Patreon really going by letting patrons vote on superpowers and archetypes for that superhero project. And if Horned Mage does well enough, we may see a return to that world as well.

I like the idea of operating in threes. I think I can get three 20k+ novellas written per month and if that’s the case then I can release that amount regularly after I build up my stock. Of course, watch those words bite me on the ass. Still, goals. Trying to keep them doable but dreaming big at the same time. Writing shorter drafts like this seems to be a lot easier than pushing for a 50k to 80k word novel in a single go. Not that I don’t want to write the bigger projects, it’s just…so many ideas I want to explore. Plus, more stories for the readers with a faster turnoaround. Not that I have anything resembling a fan base yet, but reviews of Horned Mage, The Broken Curse on Literotica have been largely positive, so that gives me hope.

Fingers crossed! I’m writing away.


I’m Like a Cockroach

Disgusting factoid of the day…it’s almost impossible to kill cockroaches. The gross little insects are virtually indestructible. Pesticide? They adapt. Cut off their heads? They only die days later of thirst or starvation. Nuclear war? Pshh. So anyway, remember my last post way back when? Yeah, I had no idea what life was preparing to throw at me. I feel as though I’ve been thoroughly squashed.

That said, I haven’t given up. I am regrouping, adapting, and am continuing to work on my writing. The second book of the Horned Mage saga is still being written. Recent events have forced me to question things like message and direction in my work. Horned Mage was originally meant to be a silly, eroticized urban fantasy. Nothing serious. It probably still won’t be. But I have been thinking about what it means and represents. And it really doesn’t challenge its own genre or tropes and has the potential to only be reinforcing many of the things I think are wrong with the world. Things I don’t want to support. I want my work to mean more, to leave the world at least with the hope of improvement.

Because of this I’ve gone back to the drawing board. The first book probably won’t see too many changes. I hate going backwards and it sets up a bunch of things that can be questioned and challenged. Therefore the next books definitely will see a deeper consideration for their subject matter and an attempt at more characterization.

I want to write things that are fun and sexy and, quite frankly, that I can turn out quickly because there’s always a bajillion ideas careening around my brain ready to burst their way out of my skull. But I want to also write quality. I want to make things that are worth reading, and not just for their entertainment value–though that is of critical import to me. I want them to be fun but to also inspire at least some degree of thought. I want to write smart. I want to write quality. Especially after crap that’s been happening these last two months. I don’t want to get into the specifics, that’s not what this blog is about or for, but I feel as if I’ve had the living shit beaten out of me.

Anyone paying attention to my work, thank you so much for your patience as I reorder myself. Get ready, because I’m aiming to launch several fun projects in the very near future. My writing has been moved to the top of my list of priorities.

So, I’m picking myself back up, and going back into production mode. More writing. More work. More…life. I want more and I want to make more. I expect more from me and I hope you do too. I will not let life squash me. I will adapt and realize my goals and dreams.

So once more, here goes nothing.

Not Defeated!

I’m not dead yet!

The last few weeks have been a battle between my projects here and real As is so often the case, the latter insists on intruding upon the former. In fact I’ve been forced to come to something of a truce. While I have not given up, I will not be able to be as active as I would like until March. That does not mean that I will be inactive or not working on stuff, only that I’m probably not going to be as visible until after February wraps up.

In the mean time I have good news! The first 7 chapters of The Horned Mage are now available on Literotica, divided into 2 parts and the third part, containing chapters 8-10 has just been submitted and should be available for reading within the next 3 days or so (that’s about how long the last 2 submissions took to go live). For those who don’t want to wait, I will try to post the new chapters to my Wattpad account later this evening.

These last chapters bring “The Broken Curse” arc of The Horned Mage to a resolution but launch off a whole new series of questions and modern day quests for our protagonist, which I am looking forward to digging into. Would love to hear feedback and thoughts! In the interim to March I’ll be working on the next arc and other projects, including Beautiful Beasts and another surprise piece.

Hope you enjoy!


Edit! The Horned Mage is now available through ch. 8 on Wattpad!


Pressing Forward

So I knew going into this that weekends were going to be tough. I’d counted on having more writing time Friday and did not think that I would have so little opportunity Monday. I did manage to finish a chapter for Horned Mage over the weekend though and as of today I am another 2.6k words into it!

I am now only a few away from my first draft goal of 15k words! I should come out of this draft with about 20k words, which I’m really excited about. My goal is to be able to crank out a 30k draft in a week, in spite of whatever life throws my way (and it is about to get busy!)

I did manage to set up a Twitter account this weekend and I’ll be tinkering around with the blog tonight to see if I can’t figure out how to use ye olde widget so that the feed is here. It is @HaydenHarper8 just in case you’re wondering. Other social media is to come soon and I can’t wait to have my Patreon properly set up.

I think I want to have at least one work out for free, ie: The Horned Mage, prior to launching it so that potential patrons can get a feel for my work. Admittedly I’ll be trying my hand at a number of different styles–sci-fi/fantasy is so vast that even knowing I’ll be specifically gearing it towards steamier stories there’s no shortage of variety! I’ve been cataloging ideas for patrons to vote on after HM goes live.

To that end, I’m going to really try and push through tonight. Don’t know if I can get the whole first draft done or not but would be so pleased with myself if I could pull that off. Or, dare I even hope, start on edits and revision? Probably not going to touch on those until tomorrow at the earliest but we’ll see.

Stay tuned!